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54 Million Online Viewers

What kind of story can captivate 54 million Online Viewers According to the digital readout on one side of the stage, the number of live online viewers had topped 54 million. PlayStation was introducing the updated version of their incredibly popular video game “God of War” at the 2017 E3 expo. I had been tapped…

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So you had an idea. A plan. An epiphany. It might have been a good idea, perhaps an extraordinary one. One that might influence the lives of many people. It could be an idea that improves the lives of those struggling, it could feed the hungry, bring clean water, provide necessities. It could set captives free,…

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S.A.D, The Blues and a reason to Hope.

A friend, Beth, has been one of the most cheerful, lively, hopeful people I know. The loss of a loved one is hard to bear, but she went through it. She did it with strength, grace and a will to carry on. She did it by helping others with the same comfort she received. She…

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