Heavy Lifting

Doing the heavy lifting. Flat-gray back stage metal door, Ice-Grey sky, blue-white snow-covered ground, bone-twisting cold, frosty-breath February-winter in Bloomington, Minnesota. I was performing for the Child Neurology Foundation, raising funds for the care of severely handicapped children that nobody else wanted to help. They were serving those, who most times could not serve themselves.…

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A Giant Influence

After my performance at Mount Pleasant Community Church, a man approached me, took my hand and leaned well within my personal space and began whispering in my ear. “Two of the members in my family told me some time ago that they would never walk into a church again. They are here this Sunday because…

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Two Views, Two attitudes

How would you handle the “Nightmare” on the Carnival Cruise ship? What would you do when you stepped ashore from that ill fated vessel? I heard that within twenty four hours of docking, someone had already filed a lawsuit agains the Cruise Lines. Difficulties, hardships and tragedies eventually interject themselves into every life. First and…

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