Joe Castillo

Keynote Speaker

Joe Castillo is an expert on crafting your story in the best way. He has applied his creative genius to the challenge of communication. His unique content stimulates the mind, creative SandStories capture the eye, powerful music engages the ear and success stories grip the heart.


Keynote Speaker

SandStory Artist

Joe Castillo is a motivational speaker and world-renowned live artist. SandStory combines inspiring stories and music with live images drawn in sand and projected on big screen. The images capture the eye, the music engages the ear and the stories grip the heart. Featured at TED Global, TEDX Palm Springs, TEDX New Zealand, TEDX Knoxville, TN, & TEDX Lexington, KY.

Event Fundraising

Entertainer and Fundraiser

SandStory has raised over 6 million dollars for charity, and Joe Castillo can bring his unique combination of story and visual art to your next fundraising event. And you will receive a one-of-a-kind SandStory art piece to auction off at your event. SandStory will enhance your fundraiser and bring value to your donors.

Corporate Events

Tell Your Company's Story

For corporate entertainment, SandStory is fresh and exciting. Using his hands and grains of sand on a light table, Joe Castillo creates images that tell your company's story. As a corporate speaker, SandStory's message will uplift your audience and leave them awestruck and inspired. SandStory is great as the keynote to your event, or as a beautiful transition piece.

Past Performances