Vero Beach: A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

My Journey into Social Media   My son, José, encouraged me a couple of years ago to leap in to the “digital dance”. He refers to himself as a “geek translator.” Explaining the mysteries of the internet and its value to those who do not speak the language.   So I took the big leap.…

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The 27th World Gas Conference

Howard University, Washington DC Howard University, located in Washington DC, celebrates its sesquicentennial this year. (That is the 200th anniversary.) My early morning jog took me onto the campus. Curiosity prompted me to find out a bit more about their 200 year history. Howard was established in 1967. It is a federally chartered, private doctoral…

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Teens Transformed in Tampa

Tampa Florida Keynote Speaker

Tampa is a Blend Incorporated in 1855, Tampa was first called “Tampa Town.” It was nicknamed Guava City and grew out of the army outpost of Fort Brook. Italian, Green, and Spanish immigrants had clumped and grown. Much like the sponges they harvested, processed, and sold. Many of the original families stayed and multiplied. Other…

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Orlando … A Place of Magic, Motivation and Miracles

Magic of Orlando Keynote Speaking

A motivational conference for three thousand attendees. Eric Jones, can wow the socks off of America’s got Talent host, Brian Cowell. He sure left me barefoot! A short time ago, Trustmark-Globetrotters pulled together a great show of contestants from America’s Got Talent. Eric Jones, Taylor Mason, Evie, Deadly Games and myself entertained their annual gathering…

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6 Best Tips For Connecting With Millennials

Connecting with Millennials

Can You See Huntsville Alabama from Outer Space? Huntsville, Alabama is home to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Huntsville was the destination for my latest motivational speaking opportunity. It’s a small town that has grown up and developed a big reputation. But it badly needs to attract Millennials in order to continue that growth.…

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Embracing weirdness

My latest SandStory keynote performance took me to Austin TX. Their unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”. They have done that. The 15 Moonlight Towers scattered around the city are a good example of that weirdness. Built in 1894, the huge 164 foot towers provided light for the City of Austin. An investment to prevent…

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A San Diego tiger’s guide to be healthy, wealthy and wise.

The San Diego Zoo invited me out to plan for an extended summer performance. It is one of the biggest and best Zoos in the world with over 3500 rare and endangered animals. Their primary goals are the health of their animals and protecting endangered species. Tigers … up close As an introduction, they escorted…

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5 Best Travel Tips For The Contented Traveler

Best Travel Tips Flight Sunset

My vocation as a keynote speaker and live sand artist has taken me to 45 States and 27 foreign countries. So, I’ve travelled a lot. And in that time I’ve learned the best travel tips that keep me happy on the road. A current Harris Poll shows that 2 out of 3 Americans are not particularly happy.…

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54 Million Online Viewers

What kind of story can captivate 54 million Online Viewers According to the digital readout on one side of the stage, the number of live online viewers had topped 54 million. PlayStation was introducing the updated version of their incredibly popular video game “God of War” at the 2017 E3 expo. I had been tapped…

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So you had an idea. A plan. An epiphany. It might have been a good idea, perhaps an extraordinary one. One that might influence the lives of many people. It could be an idea that improves the lives of those struggling, it could feed the hungry, bring clean water, provide necessities. It could set captives free,…

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