Bottle Wall

Many of my latest gigs are Keynote addresses. I love doing this. It is a wonderful way to use my creativity to lift people up. To spread some hope and help them start in a new direction.

One of the stories I tell is about my aunt Carolyn. We called her Auntie Kell. You could spot her in a bright flowered muumuu, gaudy jewelry and a car painted with giant fall leaves. She also painted portraits. Eventually she bought property and moved to Key West. The good news was her property was a corner lot that she got for a great price. The bad news was that people walked across it, wore a rut in her lawn and dropped their trash on it. It was the shortest distance between the trailer park and the liquor store. Every Monday morning she would have to go out and pick up wine, beer and whisky bottles and a bag of broken glass. Very annoying. So, she decided to build a fence.

Most of you have a negative groove somewhere in your psyche and a collection of emotional trash that needs to be cleared out. Getting stuck in a rut is not the best place to be. A rut, I am told is really just a grave with both ends knocked out. Before you can start in a new direction you have to see the reality of being stuck in a behavior pattern that is preventing you from making progress, moving higher or enjoying your current situation. Habits developed over a long period of time are difficult to break. In a lot of ways it is like getting out of a grave. Coming back to life. The biggest obstacle to getting out of your rut is admitting you are in one, then taking specific steps to get out.

Auntie Kell, started building her fence. Not an ordinary fence, no, she started using the bottles and broken glass dumped in her front yard to create the most creative, beautiful, stained-glass-art-wall Key West had ever seen. Here is the best part; her bottle wall solved her problem. She cleaned up the garbage, got rid of her rut and her wall became a world wide sensation.

Believe me, you can find a way to use the garbage in your front yard to get out of a rut and enjoy a better life. Just do one thing. Forget what is behind you, that thing that weighs you down and reach out for the prize that is ahead.