What you might ask does my title have to do with Apple products, lint and mental fuzz? I will enlighten you. Dust bunnies, those ephemeral creatures that hang out under your bed are usually composed of sock fuzz, spider-web filaments and belly button lint. Almost a year ago, my wife and I purchased online, two carpet runners to set on each side of our bed to have a warm landing place for our tootsies on cold mornings. The were shag, trendy, just the right color; rust-orange, and they were cheap. We noticed a moderate amount of orange carpet lint as they came out of the box. Always quick with the vacuum, Cindy had the stray lint sucked away in a trice. It was short lived. At first the stray orange fibers exploded off the new carpets like dandelions. “They are new,” I explained “all carpets have lint when they are new.” After some weeks that excuse began to wear thin. Months went by and I began to find orange lint not just on my socks, shoe soles and any other article of clothing that inadvertently got dropped on the carpet. It began showing up in my underwear drawer, clumping in the shower drain and traveling often as I do, it would drift out of my suitcase when I unpacked two thousand miles from home. Despite Cindy’s regular, thorough cleaning, the earlier mentioned dust bunnies became larger and more numerous, each sporting a distinct rust-orange hue. The morning I discovered a clump on my tooth brush, I raised the issue with Cindy about it being time to get rid of the carpets. “But the color matches so perfectly” was her reply.

This influx of orange fuzz got me thinking about how negative thoughts were like lint. Mental dust bunnies clumping together in dark places of our brain. The media, digital entertainment, and our modern culture is rife with the unnecessary clutter that clouds our thoughts. I began meditating on a passage in scripture that loosely translated says this: “Hey family, fill your mind with things that are true, noble, good and pure, all things that are beautiful, admirable—what is excellent and commendable — think about these things.” To do that I realized, we most often have to eliminate the source of the negative thoughts.

Then my Apple iPhone 6 died. I am an Apple, …. ‘fan’ might be too mild, fanatic a tad too strong, but aficionado, devote’, advocate or connoisseur might work, considering I own at least two of almost everything they make. Understandably when my Apple, iPhone 6 quit working it was very serious. I had tried everything to get it to work. “It won’t take a charge” I told the young geek standing at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store. “Well,” he condescendingly explained as he peered into the charging port on my phone, “sometimes foreign objects can prevent the charging cable from making a clean contact.” Upon which he did something I would NEVER do. He grabbed an ordinary paper clip, bent it straight and started raking stuff out of the charging port. Clinging to the end of the paper clip was clumps of…. Wait for it….. ORANGE FUZZ!

It is time to get rid of the carpets.