The Shadow of His Hand 14″ x 20″ Signed Print



What does it mean to “Shelter in Place” That phrase has been used too much In recent years. School shootings, Terrorist attacks, Rampages in places of business. “Shelter in Place” it might be considered “A refuge from the elements” “A place of protection from attack.” Or “a covering for safety.”

Years ago, when my family was going through a very difficult time, I created this drawing based on a kind of shelter that does not require a place. It is actually not a ‘place’ The shelter is a person. The person of a Heavenly Father.

In this drawing you will find that He gives us: A firm place to stand, Rest under the shadow of His hand. A refuge, a fortress, rescue from a fatal plague. A shield and a shelter. Freedom from Fear Refuge from the storm If you have no place to shelter? if your place is as dangerous  as being without shelter? If the danger you face Is within you and goes where I go? A roof with holes, a shack, a prison,  the night sky, a ragged tarp, An abusive family member, A dangerous city.

In all of that, God our Father  is always ready to help in  In times of trouble.

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Dimensions 14 × 20 in


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