Commercials and corporate events are our specialty and we make sure your needs are met. Joe Castillo has many standard performances, which strike the heart and mind, but he also creates customer performances for commercials or presentations.

What SandStory can do for you:

  • Full Evening of “SandStory” Music & Art: 30 – 50 Minutes (A selection from repertoire below)
  • Standard performances: from 2 to 12 minutes (See repertoire below)
  • Custom performances: Tell your story in sand, from grand openings, new product launch, to logos and commercials
  • Spice up your event with Live SandStory Illustrations or cartoons of your sales people or clients
  • Gift SandStory performances on DVDs at your party or wedding
  • Combine SandStory with concerts and live music

Performances from Joe Castilloʼs SandStory Repertoire:

Performance with a live band or orchestra and Custom Live performances can be developed: Original SandStory performances can be custom created to existing compositions or original music scores, by request. A minimum of four weeks lead-time and additional practice times are requested. These custom live SandStory presentations can include your own images, logos, and themes.


Transformation: (8-12 min)

Transformation is all about growth. Great for a product launch, grand opening or motivational meeting. Change from small to big, fearful to ferocious, and weak to powerful.

Africa (5-7 min)

An African theme with the sights, sounds and animals of the African veldt.

Celebrate Life: (8-12 min)

The joy of life, hope, fun and happiness. People enjoying going through the stages of life.

Friends: (5-7 min)

Diversity and outreach. A world in trouble transformed by two very different children longing for friendship and peace.

Gabrielʼs Oboe: (6-8 min.)

A classical story of romance. Great for weddings, anniversary celebrations and parties. This beautiful performance with a lyrical flow leads to a storybook ending. It can end with a custom illustration of the Bride and Groom. Hospitality: (8-12 min)
Encouragement to slow down. The frustration of travel, the journey, stress transitions to a peaceful welcome, good food and a good night sleep.


USA: (8-12 min)

This patriotic presentation includes the images of some of Americas best known musical icons: Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Elvis, along with images that are part of the American heritage. Read a Book: (3-5 min.)
A fun, whimsical presentation for kids of all ages encouraging people to ʻread a book.ʼ

Asia (8-12 min)

Asia is about change. Speed and strength depicted by falcons, race horses, camels, and lions. Parade of the Animals: (6-8 min.)
A Circus of animals done to the classical score of Saint-Saens music.


Live on the fly cartoons of your guests projected on the live screen. About 2 minutes each.

Commercials and International performances can easily be developed. Joe has had 28 years of advertising experience and will work with you to make sure your needs are met.


Some of our recent clients include:

Apple Computers – Cupertino, CA
Bank of Dubai – Dubai, UE
KAUST, King Abdulla University of Science & Technology
Mercedes Benz – Beijing, China
American Entertainment conference – Las Vegas, NV
Disney Marketing Group – Orlando, FL
Lexmark International – Lexington, KY
Intercontinental Hotel Group – Milwaukee, WI
American Booksellers Convention – Atlanta, GA