So you had an idea. A plan. An epiphany. It might have been a good idea, perhaps an extraordinary one. One that might influence the lives of many people. It could be an idea that improves the lives of those struggling, it could feed the hungry, bring clean water, provide necessities. It could set captives free, maybe even save lives. But it is just a small seed. A seed has such great potential. Plants, flowers, even a mighty oak grow from a seed. But only if it grows. I can’t tell you how many times eager people have shared their ideas with me. Some good. Some great. But they were only seeds. Something vital needs to happen for a seed to become something else. Most get tossed on the rocks, or in the weeds or get pecked by the birds. Something needs to happen that is essential to all growth.
I was doing some graphic work for a guy that shared such a dream. A place, he described, where tired, worn out NGO’s doing humanitarian work to help people in some of the hardest places on the planet, could come and find rest, refreshment and hope. Hospitality lived out. A sanctuary for the soul. It was just a seed.
A few years later, we spoke again. He wanted me to design a logo for this place of rest. More years went by and again he came wanting me to create an architectural model of this dream place. Somehow the seed was beginning to germinate. Plans turned into buildings, buildings into lodgings, and the weary began to arrive. Now twenty two years later, thousands of exhausted workers have been restored at Whitestone Country Inn.

How did that happen? The essential ingredient? CHANGE. Before the seed has much of a chance, the plow needs to cut into the hard soil. The ground needs to be watered, warmed and cultivated. Weeds need to be pulled. It is all called change.

What is your seed? Hanging around in your memory for days, weeks, maybe years. And What change have you resisted to prevent the seed from growing?

I would love it if you wrote and told me about your seed. Tell me what needs to change. Tell me what the tree will look like when it is fully grown.


Watch a little video snippet about change.