Howard University, Washington DC

Howard University, located in Washington DC, celebrates its sesquicentennial this year. (That is the 200th anniversary.) My early morning jog took me onto the campus. Curiosity prompted me to find out a bit more about their 200 year history. Howard was established in 1967. It is a federally chartered, private doctoral university with more than 10,000 students. Classified as a high research activity institution, its programs span more than 120 areas of study within 13 schools and colleges. Pretty impressive stuff. Many of our nation’s leaders, including Thurgood Marshall, graduated from Howard University.

Howard University Sesquicentennial Posters
Howard University Sesquicentennial Posters

A Different Gathering of Leaders

The 27th World Gas Conference (WGC 2018) took place in Washington DC June 25-29 at nearby Walter E Washington Convention Centre. Over four thousand attendees from eighty seven countries attended.

It is the most important global gas industry gathering. Attendees include influential leaders, policy-makers, buyers, sellers, and experts in the world. The triennial event, conducted since 1931 by the International Gas Union (IGU), aims to raise the voice of natural gas. The event also offers timely updates on strategic, commercial, and technical issues facing the entire gas value chain.

World Gas Conference 2018

The event offered the most comprehensive and diverse program to date for the natural gas industry. The conference included topics such as finance, trading, law, sustainability and renewables, policy and government.

Many of the attendees were young, eager internationals with a passion for making a difference in their world. Some of the most seasoned voices in the field were there to inspire them and point them in the right direction. WGC 2018 was proud to host over 600 of the industry’s most senior speakers from all over the world. Speakers included US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, and CEOs from global companies including Chevron, ExxonMobil, Qatar Petroleum, BO, Total, ConocoPhillips, and Shell. To name a few!

My Performance

My performance ended the Washington (American) host of the WGC and welcomed the new host of the WGC 2021. The first half of my presentation was all “American” with images of the Washington Monument, the US Capitol, and the Statue of Liberty. I transitioned with a globe filled with children passing the ‘light’ to Korea, the new host. The images were of traditional Korean building and the Korean ‘Namsan Tower.’ I ended with the new WGC logo.

Washington DC Keynote Speaker Joe Castillo
Keynote Speaker, Joe Castillo, on stage at the World Gas Conference

The Best Part

The best part of the performance was being accompanied by the very talented DC Youth Orchestra. They performed Aaron Copeland’s ‘Hoe Down’ for the first half and ended with a Korean folk song. It was a fabulous performance that required no translation. It was well received by the attendees from every nationality.

Improving the leadership for our next generation.

Washington DC is a great place to focus on improving the leadership for our next generation. Schools like Howard University and global conferences like WGC 2018 make it happen.

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