Be thankful
and you will be given beauty out of the ashes,
the oil of joy, instead of grief,
a cloak of praise, instead of the spirit of despair.

Changing your perspective is one of the best ways of transforming your attitude. My SandStories change from one image to another. One swipe can change failure into success, sorrow into happiness, loss into victory. Every catastrophe can be a reason to praise. Tragedies can produce hope. Pain can bring about pleasure . Difficult jobs can build character. Forest fires open seed pods that would not open in any other way. Tsunamis clear away old broken coral on reefs so new can grow.

In most cases the catalyst, the ‘midas touch,’ the alchemy, the right perspective is thankfulness. Gratitude turns most situations on their head. Major global catastrophes – hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, wars – can take the lives of many but for the many spared, gratitude produces faith and hope. A reason to go on.

In real life, a tragic accident paralyzed a young woman, but hope gave her the vision to see it as a gift and transformed her into a cheerful spokeswoman for the handicapped of the world. The untimely death of my father during my early teens, eventually gave me a profound appreciation for the wonderful years I enjoyed at his side and helped me grow into a thankful man.

What situation in your life needs the ‘thanksgiving metamorphosis’ that will transform you from a perpetual griper to giver of thanks?

Turn it upside down…

Sandstory Image