Two Views, Two attitudes

How would you handle the “Nightmare” on the Carnival Cruise ship? What would you do when you stepped ashore from that ill fated vessel? I heard that within twenty four hours of docking, someone had already filed a lawsuit agains the Cruise Lines.

Difficulties, hardships and tragedies eventually interject themselves into every life. First and most important is getting clear perspective on the event. After all, finding a lump in your gravy is not the same as finding a lump somewhere in your body. Your appraisal of the situation is critical in how it affects you.

In all of it though, there are really only two vantage points. Only two major world views. Which camp do you fall in?

First is believing that everything is an accident. Life is a roll of the dice. No God, No plan. You make or break your own fate. Something bad happens? Tough. No point in going to the complaint department. Nobody can answer the why of it.

Secondly is the belief that somehow, something is in control of what is going on and it’s outcome. Call it karma, destiny or God. Things happen for a reason. There is a plan. It might not always be clear but someday you will know why.

Regardless of which side of the philosophical fence you are on, there are only two attitudes that come in to play. Which attitude do you choose?

Somebody is going to pay. You are going to gripe, whine complain and if you are shaking your fist at God, so be it. If it is all silent and dark out there. If nobody is home and there is no one to ask or blame, you are still going to be cranky, angry and make as many other people miserable as you can.

Or, If I would rather be glad than sad; If happy is better than crappy, then put a smile on your face, grab a mop or a broom, sing a song, pray a prayer, choose to be a force for good rather than evil, and make a difference.
You can always be glad you weren’t on the Titanic.

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, since to this you are called along with the whole body and be thankful. Colossians 3:15